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Mini Gift Pack

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Surprise your love one with our simple and sweet gift pack.


100g scented candle with 15hrs burn time

40g scented wax freshener

30ml room spray

And our specially designed blank card to write your message.

This pack will be beautifully gift-wrapped for you.

Choose from our available scents:

1. Black raspberry and vanilla

2. Sweet Pea and Jasmine 

3. Coconut, Lime and Pear

4. French Lavender and Vanilla

For the candle labels: Choose from our available quotes and let us know on personalisation note in cart section which one you would like to have

1. I love you. I always do. I always will.

2. Read this out loud: I am beautiful. I am loved. I am enough. Now, Believe!

3.. Motherhood a journey that shows strength, faith and courage. You can do all things through Christ, by His grace. Keep shining, you got this!

4. Successful mothers are not the ones who never struggled. Mum, just like you, they are the ones who never give up despite their struggles. You are the best mum ever. Happy mother's day.  

5. Most people focus on what they don't have. Be one of those who are grateful for what they have. grateful, thankful, blessed


6. Type your own message. Please limit to maximum of 20words